Dear visitors

I am Kaveh, born in Tehran, Iran in 1976. I graduated in Electronics in my home country before migrating to Belgium in 2004.

Belgium holds a special place in my heart due to its breathtaking and diverse landscapes. The stunning natural beauty of Belgium, combined with my background in art from my home country, has inspired me in both nature and artistic pursuits. This led me to start collecting vintage cameras ranging from the years 1935 to 2018.

With my expertise in electronics and technical knowledge, I have been able to restore and investigate various types of cameras. This eventually led me to specialize in repairing digital and reflex cameras. Armed with this understanding of cameras, I started capturing the mesmerizing nature of Belgium in different locations. During this time, I shared my photographs on social networks and my website. I have been delighted to see my photos garnering a growing number of fans, views, and appreciation from friends, audiences, fellow artists, and people in general.

Driven by my passion, I have made the decision to pursue a professional career in photography. I have fallen in love with the beautiful landscapes of Boom, a charming city in Belgium, which you can see in my work. The first exhibition of my photography will be held in Boom, followed by showcases in Brussels and, ultimately, New York City.

I sincerely hope that you find joy and inspiration in my photos.