Dear visitors
I am Kaveh, born in Iran-Tehran in1976.I am graduated in electronic in my country and then migrated from Iran to  Belgium in 2004.
In my mind, Belgium has so many beautiful scenery divers landscapes which are very breathtaking.
For this reason, I have been drawn to Belgium nature and also arts with the back ground of art from my country and the nice Belgium scenery. After that , I started buying photo cameras which made from the years between 1935-2018.
Because of my knowledge in electronics and also techniques ,I overhaul all type of cameras and also investigated it.After that, I began to repair digital cameras and reflex cameras, with this knowledge of cameras, I have been started shooting at the same time in different location of the nature of Belgium.During of these time, I put my photography’s in social networks and my website . I have noticed that my photos have been a lot of fans and views, friends and audiences, artists and the peoples.
After that, I have decided to continue my professional carrier. I fell in love with beautiful landscape’s of this lovely city, Boom, which you see right now.
The first exhibition will be held in Boom city and after that in Brussels and then, I hope in New York city in near future.
I hope that you enjoy of these exceptional pictures of the Boom.